" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2019

Speaking of Jung Episode 42: Jung's Map of the Soul?

I wrote a couple of posts recently about Gordon White's podcast at 'Rune Soup' with Laura London talking to her about her 'Speaking of Jung' podcast -
'Pearls Before Swine' and Speaking of Jung?
and -
Think of Laura?
I listened to Laura's latest podcast (#42) about a South Korean pop band named BTS and their upcoming album based on a book called 'Map of the Soul' by Murray Stein.
I had never heard of the band BTS or of Murray Stein's book before listening to the podcast of Laura's this morning -
Episode 42: Jung's Map of the Soul
Can't say I'm a fan of the puppet boy bands of the music industry though, but I am a big fan of Carl Jung's work ... and Douglas Noel Adams' favourite number 42.
I found it rather synchy that Herman Hesse's book 'Demian' was mentioned in that podcast, as well as Murray talking about prisoners, as I had just written a post about a Damian who was wrongly placed on death row, but was released after spending years in a hellish prison cell -
Buddha at the Gas Pump - Damien Echols?
As I'm listening to Laura's podcast I couldn't get 'The Knack''s tune of 'My Sharona' out of my head, but I was silently singing 2 'My Persona' instead of 'The Knack''s crappy lyrics to that song;-)
That song turns 40 this year.
Makes me feel like I'm getting old, so it must be time for me to try a new persona;-)

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