" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 29, 2019

Denise DuBarry and the 23 Enigma?

Starring Denise DuBarry as Denise
Starring Denise DuBarry as Johanna Franklin
Life is just all chance?
Poker CHiPs?
I saw the news about the tragic passing of actress Denise DuBarry on March 23rd from a rare disease and noticed that she had 23 acting credits on her IMDB site.
On a synchromystic level as far as Denise's acting career went, one of her last roles was playing a character named Denise in a movie titled 'Walk to Vegas', where the tagline on the movie poster is "even your friends bet against you."
Season 2 Episode 3?!
Season Episode 3?!
A lot of the news reports around Denise's passing referred to her as the CHiPs actress, but on her IMDB page Denise was only in two episodes of that show, one of them was the above episode titled 'Family Crisis', season 2, episode 3.
Denise starred in two episodes of 'Charlie's Angels' according to her IMDB page, one of those episodes being titled 'Pretty Angels All in a Row' and was season 2, episode 3.
Starring Denise DuBarry as Girl
The movie was released on 2/3/78, as Americans write that date
Denise's first acting credit out of 23 acting credits on her IMDB page was starring as Susan in a movie called 'Deadman's Curve', which aired on February 3rd, 1978, or 2/3/78.
""Dead Man's Curve" is a 1964 hit song by Jan and Dean whose lyrics detail a teen street race gone awry.
It reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.
The song was written and composed by Brian Wilson, Artie Kornfeld, Roger Christian, and Jan Berry at Wilson's mother's house in Santa Monica.
It was part of the teenage tragedy song phenomenon of that period, and one of the most popular such selections of all time.
The singer goes out for a leisurely drive one night in his Corvette Sting Ray, when a guy pulls up alongside in his Jaguar XKE and challenges him to a drag race.
According to the song, the race starts at Sunset and Vine, traveling westbound on West Sunset Blvd., passing North La Brea Ave., North Crescent Heights Blvd., and North Doheny Dr.
The original Schwab's Drug Store was located just east of Crescent Heights on Sunset.
The North Whittier Drive curve, a nearly 90° right turn traveling west on Sunset Boulevard just past North Whittier Drive, may have been the "dead man's curve" in the song, but there is debate on the actual location of the curve.
Coincidentally, Jan Berry, of Jan and Dean, would himself later be involved in a near-fatal incident in 1966, when he crashed his own Sting Ray into a parked truck on North Whittier Drive near (but not on) Dead Man's Curve.
The song ends with the singer relating his last memories of the ill-fated race to a doctor.
Sound effects of screeching tires and crashing are also heard in the song.
Deadman's Curve was used as the title for the 1978 biographical nationally televised movie about Jan and Dean, starring
Richard Hatch and Bruce Davison respectively portraying Berry and Torrence."
Ironically, the single of 'Dead Man's Curve' was released on February 7th, 1964 and Richard Hatch who played Jan Berry in the 1978 movie would pass away on February 7th, 2017.
The first news story that I saw was similar to the one above that billed Denise as the 'Love Boat' actress, but according to her IMDB page Denise was only in one episode of the show.
Starring Denise DuBarry as Heather
Ironically though at around the time of Denise's passing a cruise liner ran into some real rough weather -
Norwegian police to investigate why Viking Sky cruise ship set sail despite storm warnings
And while Denise's IMDB page states that she has 23 acting credits, I noticed a double up with her role of playing Elaine Chaddick in the movie 'Do It or Die'.
Denise DuBarry as Elaine Chaddick
And just to throw in one more 23 enigma, Denise is the 23rd person on the IMDB 'In Memoriam - 2019' list.
Kind of ironic that on that entry on the list are listed two other movies Denise starred in with the titles 'The Devil and Max Devlin' and 'Monster in the Closet'.
Denise DuBarry as Prof. Diane Bennett
Denise DuBarry as Stella's Secretary
'The Devil and Max Devlin' starred Bill Cosby as the Devil in that movie and years later the movie going public would find out what a monster was hiding in that closet, as far as Bill Cosby goes;-)

So does Denise DuBarry's acting career and life seem rather synchromystic or is just all chance to you?-)

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