" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 5, 2019

Synchromysticism: The Writing Was on the Wall?

Last Sunday morning (March 3rd) I marked my calendar off and was looking at the old Australian travel poster on my calendar for the month of March.
It was written on the poster, "The Tallest Trees in the British Empire - Marysville - Victoria" and I thought to myself, where is that?
Then it clicked.
The Black Saturday bushfire that destroyed Marysville in 2009
"Marysville, which previously had a population of over 500 people, was devastated by the Murrindindi Mill bushfire on 7 February 2009.
On 19 February 2009 the official death toll was 45. Around 90% of the town's buildings were destroyed.
Prior to the Black Saturday fire the population in 2006 was 519.
At the 2011 Census, the population had reduced to 226, by the
2016 Census it had risen to 394."
Then when I got on the net Sunday morning I see the headlines about bush-fires raging in Victoria.
Bushfire emergency warnings issued for Gembrook, Budgeree amid hot conditions
At first glance at the above photo I thought it was the same town facing fires again ten years on, but it was a town called Maryknoll, which I hadn't heard of before.
"Maryknoll is a town in Victoria, Australia, 61 km south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the
Maryknoll recorded a population of 577 at the 2016 Census.
Maryknoll lies adjacent to Bunyip State Park, and is one of the youngest towns established in the Shire of Cardinia.
Father Wilfrid Pooley of the Catholic Church envisaged a new 600-acre (2.4 km2) religious intentional community in West Gippsland where residents could live rural lifestyles ideal for the raising of families and practice of the Catholic faith. 
The name Maryknoll replaced the original name of St Mary's in 1955, and the Maryknoll Post Office opened on 3 October 1955.
The original settlement consisted of about 30 families."
At the end of the Wikipedia entry for the town of MaryKnoll was a further reading recommendation about the town for a book titled  'Maryknoll: History of a Catholic rural settlement', by Gael White (2002).
I found a link to the book at the Victorian Museum where it had an "object registration" number of 00013, which didn't sound all that lucky to me.
And that page was last updated exactly two years ago (March the 3rd, 2017) from the date I had found it on.
So here was a predominately Catholic town in the Cardinia Shire staring at a raging fire on it's doorstep while a former Cardinal was found guilty of sex crimes during the week.
Out of the Forest and Back into the Jungle?
The crimes were said to have occurred in
Melbourne's St. Patrick's Cathedral and of course St. Patrick's day is in March, so the signs weren't looking good for the town of Maryknoll on March the 3rd, but as of March the 5th as I write this post, I haven't heard anymore about the town in the news.
I only got to see St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral when I was last in Melbourne in 2016 and that was enough for my hip pocket for one Melbourne trip -
What Would Jesus Do?
Pays the Lord?-)
Township ‘wiped off map’ as winemaker watches life’s work destroyed on live television
I did see this Victorian winery go up in flames on national TV, which I couldn't help thinking of the New South Wales winery in my recent post -
Underlining Synchronicity?
Somehow I can't see the owners of the burnt out wineries buying that book above.
I'm starting to think that my 2019 vintage Australian travel poster wall calendar is somewhat prophetic.
Last month the Great Barrier Reef got flooded with mud from the run-off of all the rain dumped in north Queensland -
Catching the Big Fish in February?
And not to forget all of the dead fish turning up in rivers by the millions throughout Australia.
Next month's travel poster is for Canberra, so you know where I won't be heading off to in April;-)
And then the next day I see the death of Keith Flint on the news.
Hugh Jackman, the Boy from Oz
Luke Perry/Oz?
Starring Luke Perry
The Wizard of Oz?
Well, Speak of the Devil: The Magickal Legacy of Aleister Crowley?

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