" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 22, 2019

Karl Lagerfeld Dies in the Year of the PIG, as Margot Robbie CHANELs Sharon Tate in 2019?

A sketch by Karl Lagerfeld of Harvey Weinstein
Life, death and celebrity life can be ironic it seems.
Starring Karl Lagerfeld (uncredited)
Karl Lagerfled once drew a controversial sketch of
Harvey Weinstein as a swine -
Karl Lagerfeld Skewers Harvey Weinstein in Cartoon
and now in the first month of the Year of the Pig, Karl passes away and exactly one month before Harvey Weinstein's birthday of March 19th.
Harvey was all set to be attached to the Tarantino movie
'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' until the s#it hit the fan and Quentin took his movie elsewhere.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The Curse of Benedict Canyon?
BAFTAs 2019: An exclusive look at Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch of Margot Robbie’s Chanel dress
"The Australian actress who played the role of Queen Elizabeth I in Mary, Queen of Scots opted for a design that was unveiled under the dome of the Grand Palais on January 22 during the Chanel haute couture Spring/Summer 2019 show.
The design was testament to the savoir-faire of the French fashion house led by Karl Lagerfeld, the entire design embroidered with silver, blue and yellow sequins, with a mermaid-tail skirt and shoulders in voluminous, navy-blue tulle.
In total, the Chanel haute couture dress took 690 hours of work, with more than 157,000 sequins, stones and pearls sewn by hand."
The 26th of July just happens to be Stanley Kubrick's birthday (as well as Carl Jung's synchronistically enough:-) and this year marks the 20th anniversary of Kubrick's passing.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie at an event for 'The Wolf'
Passed away in the Year of the PIG also
Karl passed away on 2/19/2019, as Americans write the date
Karl designed that BAFTA dress for Margot Robbie who was attending the BAFTAs because she was nominated for her role as Queen Elizabeth in the movie 'Mary Queen of Scots'.
Bow to no one?!
Ironically, Karl's mother was named Elisabeth ... but maybe I'm just casting pearls before swine if you haven't been reading Chris Knowles' 'The Secret Sun' blog lately?-)
Dead Ringers?!
It's shaping up to be one strange synchromystic year in Hollywood it seems.

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