" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 14, 2019

Destination Happiness and the Cosmic Prankster?

September 6th?!
Book launched September 6th?!
My 'Watkins Books' book bag behind me
My Watkins 'Mind Body Spirit' magazines on the floor near me
On the floor to remind me to write  future posts about them:-)
I wrote a post on September 11th, 2019 about Chris Mackey's new book 'The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity' -
The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity?
I also listened to the latest podcast/radio show archives from the Geelong 93.9 Bay FM radio segments that Chris features on, talking about the subject of synchronicity, and in the latest one from September 11th, 2019 Chris talks about launching his new book on September 6th, 2019.
Oddly enough, September 6th, 2019 was also the release date for the movie about a killer clown:-)
Chris also mentions a new TV show he is involved with called 'Destination Happiness' that screens Saturdays at Noon on Channel 9 Australia.
Tool: 10,000 Days/Fear Inoculum?
Things Go Better with cOKe?
Been there, done that in my early 20s
"R U OK co-founder Graeme Cowan has been overwhelmed with support and messages of solidarity after sharing a suicide note he wrote in the depths of his depression 15 years ago.
Mr Cowan is now a leading motivational speaker and posted his note to social media this week in the hope it would spark a conversation that could ultimately save lives."
Now Wikipedia says Dan died September 11th, 2019, not 10th
Thanks for the Music Daniel Johnston

I don't think Chris could have picked a more synchromystic week to launch his new book with the death of Daniel Johnston and
Danny Frawley, not that Chris would have known these things would happen the same week as his book launch.
Danny Frawley, a larrikin media personality, died aged 56 on Monday in crash
IT's certainly been a week where mental illness and happiness has been the focus.
I don't think you need to walk around with a fake smile painted over your face to convince other people that you are doing "OK", and if you're not happy that doesn't mean that you are depressed, but we should never let those mental demons bring us down.
Sometimes a small laugh is all you need to wash those mental demons away ... at least for a day:-)
And sorry to have to disagree with you in that You Tube video about your talk Alan Watts, but life IS a journey that goes on well after you die, as obviously you now know.
What Are We Going to Do About the Ibis?
On the subject of Synchronicity, if you clicked on that ibis link above, I write about Pink being born on September 8th and the first 'IT' movie being released on September 8th in the link below.
September 8th was also Danny Frawley's birthday.
Who? The Angel of Death?
Humour in Today’s Society ... and in Synchomysticism and Synchronicity?
When IT comes to life sometimes the synchs aren't so funny?


  1. Fascinating information here, Daz! Mackey's book is on my list.

    We saw IT chapter 2 over the weekend.I love Stephen King's work! The premise of the movie is good - I like that it showed us what these kids were like 27 years later. But the movie was way too long!

  2. I read Chris Mackey's first book and liked it, but I'm confused as to whether this new book of his is just an updated version of the old book or a completely new book Trish.
    I too have seen 'IT: Chapter 2' with my boys, but I started having micro sleeps during the film near the end and missed sections of the movie, so I'll probably go by myself and see IT again before ITs cinema run is over.
    I think you are right Trish about the movie being too long, as I really felt the length of the movie (but I was tired before I went in).
    Although I have seen 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' twice and it is of a similar length, but time just seems to fly by when I watch that movie and it doesn't seem long at all to me.