" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 30, 2019

A Couple of Clowns Walk into a Bar?

I stumbled across a series on Amazon Prime this morning called BuzzFeed Unsolved (also known as simply Unsolved) an "American documentary entertainment television series created and produced by Ryan Bergara" according to Wikipedia anyway.
I had never heard of this show before, so I started watching season 1 and realized that it was similar in format to the Australian podcast 'Mysterious Universe', where two knuckle-heads pretend that they are half serious (who knows, maybe they really are) about investigating "paranormal happenings", while they usually crack jokes at whatever it is that they are investigating, while they pass the hat around or sprinkle advertising throughout the free portion of the show, which is probably where their real interests lie:-)
But that might just be my cynicism overriding my BS detector, right?-)
Anyway, I watched a few of the episodes from season 1 and could see the good keystone cop, bad keystone cop routine in play for the viewers of BuzzFeed Unsolved and then I skipped ahead to season 6 and saw these guys seemed to be trying to cash in on Joaquin Phoenix's current hot fame flame by not only doing a show about 'The Viper Room' and what transpired there on Halloween in 1993, but also paying a visit to the bar to do some "serious investigating" with their giggle box/EVP/whatever to prove some deceased spirits who have nothing better to do but throw a few random words into the static in an effort to have a conversation with a couple of dickheads running a podcast, really are still hanging around in some LA shithole waiting to be rescued and pointed to "The Light" by a couple of spiritually blind guys.
Do you really think River Phoenix, or any other deceased spirit would be hanging around there just hoping some "ghost-buster" would come along to save them from listening to Ramones cover bands?
If I was a deceased spirit hanging around in this bar and a couple of morons came in wanting me to "communicate" through their giggle box, I would either stay silent or smash a bottle over their heads so they would have something to talk about, providing the blow wasn't hard enough to damage the speech center in their brain.
Although trying to hit a near impossible target like their brain might be a harder task than trying to communicate with the dead;-)
I did find it rather Jim Carrey crazy that River was born on the 23rd and died at the age of 23 and that the street number of 'The Viper Room' (8852 Sunset Boulevard) adds up to 23:-)
I guess I did learn something from watching these two clowns after-all, but I just wonder how real they are when it comes to their "investigations"?
Maybe these clowns need to team up with the 'Mysterious Universe' fools for more laughs:-)
I feel sorrier for the living than the dead.
Imagine Joaquin seeing a couple of Jokers exploiting his brother's death all for a "shits & giggles" Halloween themed investigation to rake in a few bucks.
I wonder if BuzzFeed Unsolved has done a show about brain-dead zombie clown pod-cast hosts yet?-)

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