" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 19, 2019

Guided by The Light?

A light-hearted Jake Kotze Instagram posting?
What if you were already a part of that light Stan?
A 'Mind Body Spirit' article on Jungand my 'Red Book'
I had a termite inspection in my home last Monday, which was just a routine annual inspection and while tidying up the floor of my cupboard I came across a 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine I hadn't yet read, which was one from a two-year subscription I had from the magazine and had tossed in a 'To Read' pile that had grown a bit since.
There was an article at the front of the magazine giving sample pictures from a book about Jung's art that really grabbed my attention, but I knew most were in Jung's 'Red Book', which I have a copy of in a bookcase, so I took my book out and looked for the art featured in the magazine article.
Why does Jung's blue headed image seem familiar to me?-)
Oh, yeah:-)
It was reading this magazine where I found out about Richard Bach's book about his guardian angel and why I decided to buy a Kindle copy and read it straight away, prompting me to write this post -
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Came to Richard Bach From Out of the Blue?
I read through the whole magazine Monday and pretty much all the articles were worth reading, especially the articles on Tesla, Place Medicine, Jung, Richard Bach, The Case for Supernatural Phenomena in the Modern World, Gradual Awakening, Precognition and Spiritual Science.  
Don't you like how authors have all the answers
 to life just waiting to sell them to you?-)
And I must admit that it was rather synchy to see an article by Miles Neale after listening this week to two latest podcasts featuring Miles -
TED Mind Meld 176 | Where the Treasure Hides with Dr. Miles Neale
And while I didn't read Diana Cooper's (she's too off with the fairies for me) article about dragons, I couldn't help thinking about that dragon tattoo post I wrote about -
Should I Get a Never Ending Story Tattoo?
And of course, that moon over the ocean on the inside cover of the magazine made me think that I really should finish reading Liane Moriarty's book 'Big Little Lies', even though I have watched the whole of season one of the TV show.
But the book is way better to me ... what I have read up to so far anyway.
Did Jake reference the name Moriarty in that sync-video above?-)
Where There's Smoke ... There's a Burning Man?
And if you are looking to give a friend a special gift this year, a magazine subscription might be an enlightening present?-)
And you might even throw in a back issue of Winter 2018/Issue 56 of 'Mind Body Spirit', as well;-)
Maybe run it by your angel first?-)

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