" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 1, 2019

Dan Aykroyd on the Joe Rogan Podcast on September 13th?

Uploaded Friday the 13th?!
Just when I think my life can't get anymore synchromystically stranger it kicks into higher gear.
I had run out of podcasts to listen to that I subscribe to in my Apple Podcasts favourites, which to me is strange, because this rarely happens to me.
I was re-listening to a 'Lore' podcast about Betty and Barney Hill that I had already listened to the day before, not because I'm into the UFO stuff so much as I was working on a future post about the Spider-verse and pop-culture from the 60's until present day.
I was getting sick of hearing about Barney and Betty Hill, so I stopped the podcast and checked to see if any of my favourite podcasts had new episodes recently updated, so I had something to listen to while doing some housework, but alas no.
So I hit browse to see if there were any popular podcasts worth listening to and I saw the Joe Rogan podcast listed.
I find about one in every six guests Joe has on worth listening to, so I scrolled down to see if Joe had interviewed anyone who I thought was worth a listen to, and there was
Dan Aykroyd listed as the September 13th show and my jaw nearly hit the floor.
Why you ask?
Well maybe you need to read this post from 3 years ago, which was about me buying a bottle of Dan's vodka for Father's Day and my birthday, but drinking the rest of the bottle on September 13th, the day my father passed away -
Crystal Head Vodka, Father's Day and Death
And just to turn it into a Trickster sync, Dan wouldn't shut up about Betty and Barney Hill on Joe's podcast.
I had already written a post about the Hills back in March 2019 -
The Betty & Barney Hill Case, American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, & Technology?
Did Someone Say Owls and Synchronicity?
Oddly enough, my friends Trish and Rob MacGregor mentioned in the owl post in the link above had the guy who looks after the crystal skull drop by recently to pay them a visit with the skull. 
Synchrosecrets: The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Arrives
I like how Dan said at around the 57 minute mark of the You Tube of Joe Rogan's that UFOs come and go like taxis, because my dad was a cab driver.
Anyway, I think I need a drink now after all of this, but it will have to be some cheap red wine and not Crystal Head Vodka tonight:-(
Joe seems to be a whiskey drinker from what he says on his podcast, so it would be interesting if he and Keifer did a podcast together, if they haven't already that is:-)
Just a 'Touch' Reckless There Kiefer?

UPDATE: October 1st, 2019
Looks like the synchromystic hi-jinks of my private universe just kicked into a higher gear this morning when I resumed watching David Plate's
'Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: Everything Predicts 9-11' after stopping it to watch the You Tube of the Joe Rogan podcast to see what Dan was pointing out to Joe in that podcast that required more than just listening along on my iPad.
I had forgotten that Dan started of that Rogan podcast by saying he felt like he was kinda like the guy on the tightrope walking between two buildings, chewing gum and looking up at the ceiling (what ceiling can you see walking between two buildings Dan?).
Dan played a cab driver in the all girl 'Ghostbusters' movie and I wrote above about how I thought it was amusing that Dan should mention UFOs coming and going like taxis in Joe's podcast, so then I resumed watch David Plate's movie about everything predicting 9/11,  just after watching the Bruce Willis scenes from such movies as 'The Sixth Sense', a scene comes on of Dan Aykroyd in the Ghostbusters' hearse across a bridge in New York where the Twin Towers can be seen in the old 'Ghostbusters' movie ... and this takes place in the 4 hour and 24 minute mark of David's 7 and a half hour movie. 
424 was my father's old taxi number by the way.
Then that scene is followed by shot of Private Joker standing over a grave in the movie 'Full Metal Jacket':-)
To be honest David was losing me after that last hour of his movie slogging through ABBA 'The Visitors' songs superimposed over that crappy looking 80s movie 'The Visitor' , where that movie had these weird bird attack scenes throughout.
Maybe watching David's synch movie gave Margot Robbie the idea for her latest movie poster?-)
Actually, that poster of Margot is how I get from listening to ABBA music:-)
Life is one big cosmic joke it seems ... to me at least:-)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confessed on the Web on 22/7 (Danny Glover's Birthday) to Seeing BTTF Predicts 9/11?

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