" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 29, 2019

Smashed Avocados and Other Rotten Situations?

Avocado is Aztec for testicle?!
Smashed testicles?! Ouch!
Vegemite and avocado ... don't try this at home, yuck!
Series 2 of 'Rotten' came out on Netflix the same day 'Joker' was released at the cinema, October 4th, 2019.
Which seems appropriate when you see what us clowns are naively doing to the world through our unwitting consumer habits.
Sounds like a ball-breaking goal to me;-)
In Australia where I live "smashed avocado" is the "in" food, becoming almost as popular as Vegemite to most Australians, and I must admit to liking both.
But together on toast they are a sicking (literally) combination I think.
The supermarkets over here are full of avocados in the fruit sections and Vegemite is in supermarkets everywhere in Oz, thank heavens.
I probably have one avocado on toast once a week and Vegemite on toast every second day.
Although I certainly won't be combining the two from now on.
I'd hate to see what that restaurant in Newcastle, that I wrote about in the link below, would charge for avocado and Vegemite on toast -
Heidi Regan vs Sharks?
And after watching 'Rotten' I'll be trying to get locally grown avocados where possible.
Bottled water is something I have never taken to, to be honest.
I have one Evian (because Evian spelled backwards is Naive:-) bottle that I keep and fill with filtered water from my kitchen tap and place in my fridge overnight for summer thirst.
Plus I also suck on cups full of ice cubes made from the same filtered tap water and my fridge, to keep hydrated and cool in summer.
In cooler months I drink more tea and coffee (OK mainly coffee, cause I'm not a big tea drinker) made from boiled filtered tap water.
'High on Edibles' Season 2 of 'Rotten'
I've got to say that 'Rotten' is a real eye-opener and I'd like to try and smuggle some of those 'JUNK' cannabis edibles through customs in my underpants and get caught in a body search just so I can say, "HEY! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY JUNK, BUDDY!";-)
I'd also like to try a few serves of the new 'Bartymite' for breakfast and hopefully toast the new world #1 when she lifts the Australian Open trophy at the end on this summer:-)
The KRAFT Has Been Removed From Vegemite?
And now when I drive past those Tropical Fruit World signs with the avocados on them, I won't be able to stop blushing thanks to those 'Rotten' guys telling me what the Aztec word for avocado really means.
And I wish that avocado clown would put some pants on, too.
Or at least a 'Jack & Milly' "Ollie" striped romper with avocado pockets;-)

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