" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 24, 2019

Snowden on Joe Rogan?

I've got to say that I was stunned to see Edward Snowden on the 
Joe Rogan show this week.
I wrote a post at the end of September this year about
Joseph Gordon-Levitt bringing up the
BTTF Predicts 9/11 video as a quirky little "conspiracy" video (although having input in that video myself I can tell you that it was meant to be more of  a Jung type "synchromystic" video that at the same time questioned the official narrative of 9/11, we weren't suggesting that Bob Z had any prior conscious knowledge of a future event) a friend had sent him -
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confessed on the Web on 22/7 (Danny Glover's Birthday) to Seeing BTTF Predicts 9/11?
What stunned me though was that I went to the cinema on Tuesday (I'm not telling you here anything that the NSA don't already know:-) to see the movie 'Judy' with my adult sons, and after the movie we were talking about podcasts after I had given my oldest son a few magazines that I was finished with and I mentioned to them that Richard Dawkins was on the latest Joe Rogan podcast flogging his latest book ... not that I bothered listening, because ... Richard Dawkins:-)
The Zeitgeist: Water is My Eye Most Faithful Mirror?
If the movie was 2 minutes longer it
would have finished at
I'd found an old 'National Geographic' magazine from 2009 in my cupboard I had bought back then, but didn't read until last week (and I rarely buy NG magazine), which had a story by 
Michael Pollan about orchids and the ways they suck wasps and other insects into spreading their pollen.
Considering that another ten years later Michael Pollan would be writing a book on "plant medicine", I found this old NG article a fascinating read in hindsight.
Micro-dosing, Magic Mushrooms, Michael Pollan and Smoking Toads?
I wanted my eldest son to read the Pollan's NG article about orchids to make him think of the intelligence behind this phenomena that someone like Richard Dawkins would probably scoff at.
And knowing that my sons were fans of the Joe Rogan podcast
I mentioned how Dawkins was on the latest JR podcast and just what an unthinking dick I thought Dawkins was ... although I do tend to side with Dawkins on fundamental religion and their dogmatic stance.
There was also a story about New York in that 2009 NG magazine and how it would have looked before the white man "discovered" the continent, which I found interesting in that
'I Am Legend'/'Vanilla Sky' kind of way.
So it certainly was trippy for me to see that Edward Snowden was on Joe Rogan talking 9/11 a day or two after Richard Dawkins was on, with Dawkins probably just talking crap with his head stuck up his own ass;-)
I guess it's just lucky for me that the NSA can't track my implanted alien chip:-)
Witness of Another World?

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