" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 14, 2020

Retrocausal Destiny or Living a Luminous Life?

I listened to two interesting podcasts and read a magazine article recently, as I like to think that fate would have it, featuring the subjects of fate and retrocausality.
I had listened to the first episode (the free show only) in season 23 of 'The Mysterious Universe' podcast -
23.01 – MU Podcast – Retrocausal Destiny
And it was one of those rare MU shows that was I thought a very good discussion, unlike some of the usual BS (BelieSystems;-) they wade through for some cheap shits & giggles.
I think they needed some H2O, too:-)
Eyed on Jake Kotze's Instagram feed:-)
I then read a magazine article in the latest
'Mind Body Spirit' magazine by Jacob Israel Liberman, OD, PhD titled 'Living a Luminous Life' about his new book, which I haven't read and probably won't, where he writes in that article these words that resonated with my own belief,
"We are often told that the process of change, or awaking, takes work.
We must meditate, repeat positive affirmations, change our diet, practice yoga, read spiritual texts, or sit at the feet of a wise teacher.
While these suggestions might be helpful, I have not found that any of them actually allow us to reach escape velocity from the constraints of everyday life.
Almost every concept related to awakening revolves around the process of doing something.
Although that belief sounds rational, it has no basis in fact.
In actuality, our bodies are not designed to initiate action.
They are incredibly sensitive systems that are continually responding to guidance from the same intelligence that animates the movement of the planets, the change of the seasons and the beating of our hearts.
Plants and animals naturally grow and evolve without effort.
Is it possible that our life's journey is already mapped out and effortlessly provided to us in each moment?
Countless species take part in extraordinary migratory journeys guided by something outside themselves that is inseparably aligned with something inside them."
And then I found an old THC podcast featuring Dr. Jacob Liberman talking about his book.
I find Greg Carlwood's THC podcast show as hit and miss as 'The Mysterious Universe' show, but there is the occasional nugget of wisdom.
And let's not forget that Greg's favourite plant to smoke needs light to grow;-)
I tend to side with Ben at the Mysterious Universe podcast that life really is just all fate, so whatever happens was going to happen in life and there isn't all that much you can do about it in the end, because you signed up for that ride in the beginning ... you've just forgotten that you did.
So enjoy the ride or don't, but that was probably how it was meant to be anyway.
Life isn't "all good' ... or bad ... it just is the way it is, but deep down you already know that anyway I think.
A John Denver song might not have been a good choice to illustrate my point, since John died in a plane crash on Crowley's birthday of October 12th.
And if you think I'm a Crowley fan, I'm not.
I think he was a total self-centered dick as a man, almost literally, but there is no doubt his life and teachings have had a big influence on modern life and pop-culture, just like H.P. Lovecraft and the stories he pulled from his head and the influences of his time.
And Jung was no island unto himself, either.
And was also a bit of a self-centered prick as a person in my books.
But s/he who is without sin and all that.
God is such a joker it seems?-)
Go towards the light you Fool, not the donut?-) 
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