" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 1, 2020

"True" Self Through Hypnosis and Introspection with Laurie McDonald?

Produced by Laurie MacDonald?-)
Produced by Laurie MacDonald
I thought it was the Laurie MacDonald who produced all of the
'Men in Black' films with all those hypnotic gadgets;-)
But seriously, I thought this was an interesting name coincidence when I stumbled across a movie producer named Laurie MacDonald who made films such as 'The Ring', 'Men in Black', 'The Island',
'The Trigger Effect', 'The Uninvited', 'Free Solo' ... and now 'Barbie'?!
Laurie MacDonald, the movie producer has 42 producing credits now at her IMDB page, which must mean something, right?-)
Like Joe Rupe says to Laurie McDonald the hypnotist in the 'Lighting the Void' podcast, "It's like some
'Twilight Zone'/Hitchcock film right now..."
Produced by Stephen Spielberg
Steven Spielberg and Laurie MacDonald
True Self Through Hypnosis And Introspection W/ Laurie McDonald
From Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers'
The Bell Jar?!
Doing some inner-space probing there on your young self Dr. Barbie?-)
I see that storyteller Ryan Sprague has a new "head-space" logo for his podcast now.
Somewhere ... Beyond the Black Rainbow?
An interesting new "head-space" logo?-)
The thing I find fascinating about looking into the subject of hypnosis, is pondering just what is the memory of what we tell ourselves we are, and how does hypnosis, sleep, dreams and memory really work?
Euphomet DISPATCH Podcast: Hidden Experience with Mike Clelland?
And don't you find screen memories like owls and stories of aliens interesting things to ponder, too?
Just forget about it then, OK?-)
But there is probably message in this post somewhere deep down, or in/out there:-)

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