" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 20, 2022

Horse🐎Girl/NOPE 👎and the Stranger Things About the Nuts and Bolts of Alien Contact👽👾👀 and/or Abduction🐴?

I watched ‘Horse Girl’ yesterday on Netflix after looking up the movies that the guy who plays Tom Bogan (Andrew Patrick Ralston) in ‘NOPE’ had been in.
Andrew Patrick Ralston is an American actor raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and Overland Park, Kansas. He has played Jim McNeile on Lethal Weapon, Dr. Saul Faerstein on The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Chip Baggins on Life in Pieces and Sherpa Allen on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
Andrew also shares July 5th as a birthday with my son who saw the movie 'NOPE' with me recently on the big cinema monolith/screen:-)
NOPE🐎🦉🛸🙈🙉🙊Film Symbolism🎭Analysis of the Occult:🎥Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley [THEY👽?] LIVE😎?
Turns out that 
Andrew Patrick Ralston only gets one line in the movie 'Horse Girl' ... and that screenshot below is pretty much it:-)
But if it wasn't for me noticing Andrew's birthdate and looking up what else he had starred in, I probably wouldn't have watched 'Horse Girl', which is a very good movie about mental illness/alien abduction, which has a very surprise ending, which I didn't see coming.
But I couldn't help seeing the synchromystic(?) connection with horses/aliens being used in 'Horse Girl' and 'NOPE', which made me think of the 'New Thinking Allowed' video below I used in the posts in the links below, where Robert Davis speaks with Jeff Mishlove about people who think that THEY have been abducted or visited by aliens/UFOs.   
Contact with Non-Human Intelligence?
I also noticed a 'Stranger Things' connection in 'Horse Girl':-)
But it's the use of the water going down the drain shots in 'Horse Girl' which are obvious attempts to throw back to the movie 'Psycho' which made me think of the 
'Psycho' connections I wrote about in the movie 'NOPE' and Anne Heche's passing in this post - 
Ain't life just nuts ... and bolts?-)

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