" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 14, 2022

WhatsApp Doc?

I listened to two podcast episodes of
Howard Hughes'
'The Unexplained' over the weekend in the wake of some big celebrity deaths and I have to say that these podcast episodes really resonated with some of the subjects of my posts I wrote during the week ... especially on a musical note it would seem to me.
Dorset-based retired lawyer Louise Hamlin tragically lost her husband Patrick to cancer in 2019... Soon after she began receiving messages and signs she's sure are from him - including WhatsApps - as she discusses in her new book!
Howard's chat with Dr Melvyn J. Willin really hit me with its seemingly synchromystic world news happenings and my blog post subjects this week.
Especially when talking about comas and just when does life end for real?
Considering that Anne Celeste Heche was declared legally dead on August 12th, the date both of these podcasts were uploaded.
And Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8th 
Not to mention Dr. Melvyn telling Howard that when asked by people what he does for a living that he tells people that he is a LION TAMER?!
And Howard mentions the soundtrack to the movie 'Born Free' later on, which is a movie about lions also:-)
Olivia Newton-John Passed Away on August 8 (AKA the Lion’s Gate)?!๐Ÿฆ
And both Howard and Melvyn bring up driving past Stonehenge recently, which of course is where the movie 'Sharknado 5' starts off from:-)
MEN: A Midsummer Night’s Magic Flute of a Nightmare?
Howard even brings up what the song 'You'll Never Walk Alone' means to a Liverpool supporter and whether it could have the power to bring a coma patient out of a coma, and Melvyn suggests it might even have the power to bring someone out who hates the football club, as well:-)
Well, I'm a Spurs fan, and while I don't hate the Liverpool club, I'm certainly not a fan ... pardon the pun:-P
But oddly enough I did include Olivia's version of the song in my post about her being a Carlton AFL football supporter and singing at the 1986 Grand Final.
The “Voices of a Nation” pass away Just Days Apart from One Another?
It's been a hard week for a lot of Aussie football fans like myself who still can't believe the loss of a great football player, coach and human being like Paul Green taking his own life on the anniversary of Robin Williams' passing (August 11th) no less.
Boy Swallows ... PLUM?
Prophetic Scene from the Movie "Angriest Man in Brooklyn"
On the subject of music and synchromysticism, I've been working my way through my deck of Rider-Waite-Smith tarot cards all week, so to see the passing of another Waite in the news was rather surprising to me - 
Pass the Dutchie: The Youth of Today and Stranger Things?
The Doctor even mentions David Ditchfield in that podcast, who I've written a post or two about in the past -
With Howard Hughes mentioning him and Melvyn going on a cruise in October, 2022 it brought to mind another Cruise the world lost this year ... Julee Cruise:-(
Life is a journey and not a destination, as they say ... and it's no good becoming a recluse, right Howard?-)

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