" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 23, 2019

A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free?

Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003)
I hadn't heard of Elliot Smith until listening to a '42 Minutes' podcast with S.J.Anderson where he mentioned the late singer -
42 Minutes Episode 162: S.J. Anderson
Elliot SMITH and S.J.ANDERSON?-)
"Smith rose to mainstream prominence when his song 
"Miss Misery"—included in the soundtrack for the film
Good Will Hunting (1997)—was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category in 1998.
Smith was a heavy drinker and drug user, and was also diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and major depressive disorder.

His struggles with drugs and mental illness impacted his life and work, with these topics often appearing in his lyrics.
In 2003, aged 34, he died in Los Angeles, California, from two stab wounds to the chest.
The autopsy evidence was inconclusive as to whether the wounds were self-inflicted or the result of homicide.
At the time of his death, Smith was working on his sixth studio album, From a Basement on the Hill, which was posthumously completed and released in 2004."
Elliot Smith & Wyld Stallyns?-)
Will Morgan in the podcast mentioned doing an internet search on Elliot Smith and finding him pictured wearing a t-shirt with horses on it.
Good hunting Will Morgan;-)
Made me think of the band of Bill and Ted's called 'Wyld Stallyns' and the news I saw this week that not only is another Bill & Ted movie being made, but also a fourth Matrix movie -
Mutants, Mystics and Cosmic Folk Art?
I actually had something more to write about Elliot Smith from a revelation I had about the singer a few days ago while researching his life, but like waking from a dream and forgetting what I had dreamed, I soon couldn't remember what it was I was going to write about Elliot.
Conspiracy Philosophy: Wo/Man in the Moon in the Middle?
Oh well, if it comes back to me I'll write about it here later on.

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