" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2019

Go Your Own Way and May Peace Be With You?

42 Minutes Podcast Episode 13:
Neil Kramer
I forgot that Neil Kramer is an author in the first 'Sync Book' until I listened to an old '42 Minutes' podcast from 2012 -
42 Minutes Podcast Episode 13: Neil Kramer
A Child's Treasury of the Tarot
Trumped in 2017?
Donald Trump Tarot Card
I like to think of Neil as the sermon giver of sync philosophy when I hear him speak.
I always wondered if Neil practiced what he preached in his own life.
But then again it doesn't really matter if a chain-smoking doctor is telling you that smoking is no good for your long-term health when it's the advice that counts, whether the doctor follows his own advice or not.
Neil just always struck me as one of those people who want to sell their(?) advice much like an American New Age author and speaker in the Wayne Dyer type model.
I wouldn't really have a clue to Neil's motives in his line of work, but my skepticism has always made me put my money on the cash that could potentially come from the preaching to the wallet and purse bearers who may be listening.
But I guess a lot of individuals and institutions like to cash in on the peace message to get themselves a piece of the action.
I'm just cynical when it comes to people $elling peace, but Neil does give interesting sermons from his pulpit, whether he believes them himself or not.
I did find the chat with Neil in the green room after his '42 Minute' podcast chat amusing, since the movie 'Brazil' was brought up -
Don't Cry for Me Brazil?
42 Minutes Podcast Episode 49:
 Neil Kramer

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