" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 24, 2019

Painting Ourselves Out of a Dark Corner with Healing Magic?

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42 Minutes Episode 29:
Mark Golding
Visual Medicine - with birdsong
I was reading a chapter called 'Coincidence Explanations' in Laurence Browne's book 'The Many Faces of Coincidence' where Laurence writes of Jung's later years living in his off-grid house that he built by a lake and Jung's sense of wonder and connection with nature.
Synchromysticism, Mega-Synchronicity, Chance and COINcidence?
And I realize that it was these images of Jung that first attracted me to Jung's work when I saw a film at the cinema in my youth where Jung was being interviewed at and followed around this home he was building.
I also listened to an old '42 Minutes' interview with Mark Golding and what his art means to him and why he got into it in the first place.
42 Minutes Podcast Episode 29: Mark Golding Healing Magic
42 Minutes podcast 11.27.12 Episode 59: Mark Golding & Alan Green Pre-Launch For The Sync Book Vol. 2
Mark's chapter in 'The Sync Book' #2 was one of my favourites in that book and really spoke to my heart when I was reading it.
Which led to me writing a few posts of my own on this blog about Mark and his work like these -
Sacred Geometry of Life, with Mark Golding
Holy Wells
Mark Golding
It's good to see Mark is still going strong where many "sync-heads" have simply let their wells run dry in a metaphorical sense.
42 Minutes Episode 108: Mark Golding Healing Magic
I've only ever really cared about the woo-woo stuff Jung was into, like synchronicity and the I Ching and the like.
I've never cared that much about his work with Freud and all of that psycho analytical BS of his.
I've never been one for
shrinks and their egotistical couch talk.

I'm sure it has its place for people who like to spill their brains to an "expert" on the mind, or for people who are clearly out of their mind, but that ain't my cup of tea, because from what I have seen when it comes to most shrinks is that they really need to see a shrink themselves and get their own lives sorted out:-)
I would rather be my own shaman in life's JUNGle and rely on the "Great Spirit" to guide my life than some other fellow monkey with a diploma hanging on his or her wall.
Sacred Geometry Mandalas
I think getting in touch with nature and being out in the woods is a very healing experience and much better than lying on a shrink's couch telling them about your life's problems ... most times anyway;-)
Although I will admit that some people can take the "getting in touch with nature" thing a little too far:-)

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