" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 18, 2020

☪️ 2020 ASTROLOGY FORECAST πŸŒ“ What the Stars Say About Our FUTURE Amid COVID-19 *THE LATEST*?

I was born on the cusp of Virgo/Libra,
but see myself as more of a
I'm not really into astrology that much, and I don't think it can possibly work the way astrologers tell you the way they think that it works.
But some way I must say it does seem to work more than not.
Listening to my friend Trish MacGregor on the latest
'Higher Journeys' podcast episode in the You Tube above made me recall the time I was going through a divorce and selling my house with my ex-wife, and Trish did a free reading for me advising me to hold off selling (my half of the ... :-) house for two weeks, when my wife still at the time and the real estate "expert" that she had hired were trying to convince me to drop $40,000 off the price of the house, so it would sell.
Because according my XO and this "Xpert" the house would never sell at the price I wanted it to sell for.
I felt Trish's reading of my birth-cart was right, on a gut level, so stuck to my guns over the price of the house.
Pretty much two weeks later, after basically no potential buyers seemingly interested, a pregnant woman came to see the house and said it was just what she was looking for and said the price was just right and she wanted to buy the house straight away, so she had the house to bring the baby home to.
The real estate "Xpert" took me aside and said how did I know how to hold off like that, when all signs (as far as he was concerned that is) pointed to me doing the wrong thing.
He was probably expecting me to tell him that I was reading and following some financial and real estate guru's advice, but I just told him straight out that a friend in America offered to do my astrology birth-cart for free, and then she advised me me not to drop my price for at least another two weeks.
I said that advice felt right to me on a gut level, so I didn't drop the price.
I then told him that I was going to advise him to take $40,000 off the price the next day, if there had have been no one interested that day. 
He just laughed and gave me that you're crazy, but very lucky look and shook my hand in disbelief.    
I didn't give a dam what he thought, as I had backed myself over his lame advice and walked away from the deal with $20,000 more in my pocket.
And I'm yet to hear a "thank you"  from my worse ex-half for her extra $20,000 from my stubbornness ... and the irony is that she is a Taurus:-)  
For some reason I always thought my ex-wife was ruled by the
Dog Star;-)
Thanks for nothing, bitch:-)
Black Dog Star: The Cronus Virus?

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