" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 2, 2020

Tom Hanks and the Little BIG House Synch/Sink?

The 'Little BIG House' not far
'The Emporium' Hotel
The Little BIG House next to
'The Emporium' Hotel in Brisbane
Russia's Little Big, whose song 
Uno was considered a
front-runner at the contest
Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia
Big (1988)
little BIG in the Year of the Rat?
Rita Wilson performing at The Emporium Hotel
Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane
The Emporium Hotel in Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane
When I was writing my post about the irony of the Brisbane Greek Paniyiri Festival being cancelled, and which takes place not far from where one of the producers of the 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' movies sang in a hotel not far from the park it is held in -
A Greek Tragedy?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
I noticed on a street map of the venues that there was a bar called the 'Little BIG House', which was a bit of a WTF(?) moment synchromystic wise I thought, as it reminded me of a few recent synch posts I wrote about Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney and the Russian band 'little BIG'.
But now a heap of other synchromtstic pieces of the jigsaw I was trying to piece together started to click in my head.
Maybe I'm just going Bananas from self-isolation, right?-)
Synchromysticism and Escapism?
'Stranger Things 3'
The Apophenia of Oz in 02019?
Dialect coach:
Mr. Hemsworth
Andrew Jack
Little BIG House
Little BIG House
I think I need a good stiff drink right now to forget about all this stuff in my life and my head,
but not a Corona THanks:-)

UPDATE: April 2nd, 2020
And on the subject of Eurovision songs, I just saw this piece of news about Australia's (yeah, I don't get how Australia can compete in a European song contest either, but when not in Rome, as they say;-) 2020 entrant being carried forward to 2021.
While the song that won the Aussie section of the contest for Eurovision 2020, held on the Queensland's Gold Coast this year really seems to fit the mood of the year now, I can't see Montaigne troubling bands like 'Little Big' in 2021.
But good luck anyway.

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