" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 5, 2020

A Deep Dive Into the Rune Soup About Jung with Garry Lachman?

Gary Lachman also known as Gary Valentine
Disease X-Offender Gary Lachman sits down with Gordon White from 'Rune Soup' (Rune Soup is not a band BTW:-) to discuss his ideas of the man who is the subject of Gary's book 'Jung the Mystic'.
I included the Disease X/Offender gag above, because Garry wrote the music to the band's first single, 'X-Offender', and popularized Blondie's sixties-retro look
(according to Garry's Wikipedia page) and in the London interview below Garry mentions the Covid 19 outbreak in London, which kind of fits with the Disease X exhibition that took place at the London museum in 2018.
Also Garry and Gordon mention semi-prophetic fiction novels like the one about the Titanic that became eerily close to the mark in the future, and I saw and similar book mentioned in the mainstream media this morning about a book titled 'Lockdown', which was written in 2005, but not published until recently, because it was considered too improbable, until now.    
"Lockdown" written in 2005
"In 2018, the Museum of London ran an exhibition titled
"Disease X: London's next epidemic?", hosted for the centenary of the Spanish flu epidemic from 1918."

Maybe throw in The Stand, as well?
Fiction Predictions?
Fiction Predictions Podcast
I wonder if that Covid 19 banner covers Kindle orders, too:-)
Did you have to keep using personally offensive four letter words like IKEA in your talk guys?-)
Don't forget to practice social distancing in 2020;-) 
Dreaming is the only option now with the cinemas closed:-)
And it might have had something to do with my visit to
Australia Zoo this year, but I couldn't help thinking while watching that old X Offender music clip just how much Debbie was into khaki back then:-)
My copy of Jung's 'The Red Book'
Turtles, Australia Zoo and The Grateful Dead?

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