" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 9, 2020

Oh, No Linda Moulton Howe, It's Ross and Carrie?

Listening to this podcast was a hoot I thought, and shows you how gullible some people in the UFO field are -
Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 5): The Great Linda Moulton Howe Sting
In this time of Corona-virus lock-down every newspaper I pick up gives me advice on interesting podcasts to while away my time.
But most of them which are recommended in newspaper lift-outs like the one pictured above look to me as interesting as taking up stamp collecting as a hobby.
I did a search in Apple Podcasts this morning and found the 'Oh No Ross and Carrie' podcast, which I haven't listened to since I wrote about them in this old post -
Talking Hypocrisy, Skepticism and AustraLIEns Being Fake?!
And the one with the "Owl Guy" -
Ross and Carrie Meet The Owl Guy: The Mike Clelland Interview
Going through the 'Oh No Ross and Carrie' archives I found one where they go and check out the OTO, an organization which I mentioned in my last post -
We'll Meet Again?
So, this will be the next one I cue up on my iPad to have a listen and hopefully a laugh to, as I do some housework ... and with my clothes on -
Ross and Carrie Go OTO (Part 1): Nudity and Dark Rituals Edition

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