" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 10, 2020

Death - A Series About Life ... and the Aldabra Giant Tortoise?

I wrote a post recently about visiting Australia Zoo and watching an Aldabra Giant Tortoise, well two actually, and I also mentioned my 'Grateful Dead' sticker on my car's windshield -
Turtles, Australia Zoo and The Grateful Dead?
When I was writing up that post I was looking at the photo of the signpost on the tortoise enclosure at Australia Zoo and thinking that I don't recall ever seeing or hearing the name Aldabra for a tortoise before, and how it sounded somewhat magical like the word Abracadabra you hear stage magicians using.
I didn't think too much more about the Aldabra tortoise name again until the next day when I sat down to eat my dinner and thought I would watch something from my Amazon Prime watch-list.
The 'My Stuff' list on my Amazon Prime account on my iPad
I was going to start watching 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood', but thought that maybe I should watch something form my list that doesn't take three hours to watch, so I scrolled up and down my list of about 80 shows I had earmarked to watch ... before I die, as they say, and eventually decided to watch the first show in a series of five called 'Death: A Series About Life'.
It seems to be a Swedish or Danish show where a Scandinavian father and daughter travel the world searching for answers about life and death, because the girl's mother has since passed away at some point in the girl's and father's life.
It appears to be made around 2013 and is narrated in English, but does have a few subtitled interviews to read here and there.
I found it personally synchromystic in that my own father passed away on September 13th, 2016, and all of these death shows have the date September 13th, 2014 next to them on the Amazon Prime list:-)
But if the September 13th date wasn't WTF(?) enough for me, at about 30 minutes into the first episode I see this scene below as I'm watching the show.
I almost spat my dinner across the table in surprise when they mentioned the Aldabra tortoise.
It's a pity this show didn't touch on the bizarre synchronicity that seems to run throughout life, like seeing an Aldabra tortoise live at a zoo the day before and then deciding not to watch a movie I was going to watch only to choose some obscure 2014 Scandinavian series about death out of God knows how many shows I could have picked on the list the night after, and to see the same type of tortoise that I had never even heard about until the day before at the zoo.
But that's not all, because as I'm eating dinner and watching this death show on my iPad, I pick out a newspaper from the pile I got from my mother's house sitting on my table next to me and see this picture below of baby crocodiles hatching, and under them is a news story about Woody Allen and to the side a news story about worms.
And while these baby crocs weren't from Australia Zoo, that newspaper was printed on Wednesday the 25th of March, which was the day that I was up at Australia Zoo -
Guess Where I Was Today?
And speaking of worms, this 2014 death show does show a few humourous scenes from old Woody Allen movies to illustrate the absurdities of death, and on this newspaper page from March 25th, 2020 is a news article about Woody Allen's book getting binned by its first publishers over backlash, but then getting a release after finding a new publisher.
Anyway, no matter what you think of Woody Allen and the way he has lived his life, that death show is really worth taking a look at.
I did find two of the episodes (#2 & #5) uploaded for free from what seemed to be the series production company's You Tube channel, to watch at You Tube, and I have included them both in this post.
The rest are available on Amazon Prime if you are interested, or have an Amazon Prime account.
Probably something to ponder over the Easter weekend, if like me you're stuck home in your shell:-)

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