" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 21, 2020

Tales From Captivity?

The innocent will have nothing to fear, right Father?-) 
Conversations with Richard Fidler/Sarah Kanowski
An unusually bleak Australian day in my home 
I like the odd bleak day here in Australia, but I don't know how I would go living though winter in places like Iceland and Norway.
I watched the movie '22 July' on Netflix the other day when the skies outside my windows and doors were grey and I wondered how I would feel living through days like these pictured below from that movie.
Not the sort of movie I would normally pick to watch, but I watched a mini-series about death and life, which featured a girl who was a survivor of the Norway shootings, and while I had heard about the shootings and bombing at the time on the news, I didn't know all that much about the details, which is why I thought I would give
'22 July' a viewing.
Death - A Series About Life ... and the Aldabra Giant Tortoise?
Jonas Strand Gravli in 22 July (2018)
22 July (2018)
I have an ex-work friend who used to go bush-walking with me years ago, and who went back to live in Norway.
And I always picture Norway as the the land of summer fjord-lands like the pictures she sent back to Australia of her Norwegian walks and bike rides.
But watching that movie and seeing the harsh and really bleak and cold winters kind of puts me off the place.
Then I listened to a recent podcast about Iceland -
Conversations Podcast: Tales From Captivity
Icelandic Sagas and Synchronicity?
I then read in the local newspaper an article about the lonely people, with isolation tips from "experts" to help keep the spirits up and then see an advert about a poor old "innocent" priest who has been interviewed by a major Australian television network.
This all makes me think of The Beatles song 'Eleanor Rigby' off the 'Revolver' album, which seems rather apt in this early part of 2020 with the Russian Roulette odds of dying from the Covid 19 virus and social isolation.
Although I don't feel too bad about social isolating if I can go out into the back garden with a book on a sunny day:-)
And as luck would have it, look what the latest episode of
'Unlocking Us' that just dropped onto my playlist is about -
Dr. Vivek Murthy and BrenΓ© on loneliness and connection
Could BrenΓ© Brown Have Picked a Better Title for Her New Podcast Show in These Times of Covid 19 Lock-down?-)


  1. Darren you rock. I enjoy your almost daily cognitive display at the wheels. Truly synchromystic in nature. Eleanor Rigby always matched a dour mood in me. To shine forth is key! 87

  2. Yes Eleanor Rigby is a classic Dennis and thanks for your kind words.
    I was starting to think that I was the only [l]one reading my blog in lockdown, but now I know that there is another [l]one out there as well;-)

  3. Hi and never think that no one is reading! You make Great Work here and I read daily for a couple years now -just haven't posted a comment. Your work is flawless -I read and then ponder; then want more! You are appreciated lockdown or not -KeBane North Carolina, USA

  4. Thanks KeBane.
    My comment was more of a joke at my own expense (it's the Australian sense of humour of not taking yourself too seriously, which I think is a healthy way to look at life as well).
    I do see the stats to the blog from time to time, so I know that people from all over the world seem to enjoy reading the blog (maybe not in China though, as my blog seems to be filtered out and censored over there) and I have noticed that some of the big celebrities I have written about over the years seem to be following me a bit.
    What can I say, people like to Google themselves and read what amusing things synch nuts like me are writing about them and fellow celebs.
    There's even other bloggers who have told me they would never read my stuff again, who I can tell are still checking in and reading in the shadows, right Loren and HLP?-)
    But thanks for the comment KeBane, as it's good to get a genuine comment of praise now and again, rather than some Egyptian spammer trying to slip some generic praise past my filter, just so he can advertise a moving company, or to sell Viagra in the comments section of my blog.